Thu. May 6th, 2021

Five Cheapest Places to Buy Property in China

The people’s Republic of China is the largest country globally based on population. Its economic growth has increased exponentially in recent years and is ready to surpass the US in the coming decade.

China is a country with top-rated tourist attractions with places like the great wall of China, known as Changheng or the forbidden city, and the imperial palace in Beijing. The country is full of culture and has a very long and inspiring history.

Like any other big country, the cost of living in China varies among different regions. Some of the cheapest cities in china have been mentioned below, which can help you buy property in the city you can afford.

5- Chengdu

Chengdu, also known as Chengtu, is a famous capital city of Sichuan province. This city is among the three most populated cities of western China. According to Wales Cash Buyers, this city has surpassed Shenzhen, the technological hub of china, as a best performing Chinese city in the economy.

This city also has monsoon-influenced weather with relatively high humidity throughout the year. The average price of the property to buy in Chengdu is $1,383.50 US dollars per square meter.

4- Jilin

Jilin is an old regional city situated in the North of China which is not so densely populated compared to the rest of the country. It is also known as a river city because most of the city is surrounded by the Songhua River.

Jilin has four seasons and is monsoon-influenced with a humid continental climate. Buying property in Jilin is cheap compared to any other city, and the average price of buying property in Jilin is $1,255.71 US dollars per square meter.


Harbin is also situated in the North of China, closer to the Russian border. This city contains elements similar to that of Russian architecture, like the famous orthodox church. This city is famous for the winter festival in which large ice sculptures are exhibited.

This city is known for cold weather and long winter as it is situated above 45 degrees’ north latitude. The average price of the property to buy in Harbin is $1,205.31 US dollars per square meter.


Guilin is the most comfortable and perfect level city situated in the northeast of china. This city is situated on the river Li’s bank, and its border meets to Hunan in the north. Guilin means “forest of Sweet Osmanthus,” given to the city because it has many Osmanthus trees located in this region. The average price of buying property in Guilin is $906.63 US dollars per square meter.

  • Huangshan

Huangshan is situated in southern Anhui province in eastern China. The name Huangshan means yellow mountains as this city is surrounded by mountains.

It is a very peaceful city with a major tourist attraction as they visit this city to go on hiking and have a peaceful time with friends and family. Huangshan has colder and wetter weather than the rest of the province. The average price of a property to buy in Huangshan is $922.37 US dollars per square meter for a quick cash sale.