Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

The Beauty of Marble for Home – Is Marble Really Worth the Money?  

Marble is one of the best natural stones that is the epitome of undying beauty and timeless charm. There are many historical monuments made in marble and that voices out the opinion that our ancestors explored the exquisiteness of marble just as much as the modern home renovators and architects have. If you’ve always wanted your kitchen to have exemplary aesthetics and class, then marble is the best option. 

Whether it’s countertops or flooring, the wonderful textures of marble can transform the looks of the bathrooms and living room too, not just the kitchen. In this guide, we will be taking you through some of the reasons why marble is so popular. Dive in! 

It is Waterproof 

Marble doesn’t absorb water at all. It’s a beautiful metamorphosed natural stone that is formed over decades and even centuries. It’s an absolute beauty for wet rooms.

It is Available in Textures That’ll Amaze You

Marble is recrystallized dolomite, limestone, or serpentine. The original rocks go through complete recrystallization and the result is a unique pattern of veins and swirls, colors, and textures that are exclusive and unlike anything else. 

The colors and shades are mesmerising. Besides, marble is comparatively softer. Which means it is easier to cut into different shapes and sizes. That’s another reason that marble stone offers variety as nothing else can. 

It Resists Heat

Marble is formed in the earth’s crust after going through extreme heat and pressure. Naturally, it resists heat. In fact, it’s one of the coolest stones and is preferred in places that witness high temperatures; especially, in the cases of outdoor kitchens. 

It is Long-Lasting 

There’s a misconception about marble that since it’s soft, it won’t last. If it were true, how would the marble monuments that were erected centuries ago still stand unscathed? While it’s true that marble is softer than other natural stones like granite, it doesn’t mean that marble won’t last. 

High-quality marble stone like Granite au Sommet marble is sealed before installation. It isn’t something very different from many natural stones, even granite. The only consideration for a marble to last is that it has to be sealed properly. 

Bear in mind, the surface of marble can react to acids and can develop scratches. This is why marble that’s installed at home is sealed. That’s the reason that you should buy marble and other materials for home renovation from premium and trusted sellers only. 

To sum up, marble is a stone of natural brilliance that’s iconic and hypotonic. All you have to do is pick the right sellers and installation experts.