Thu. May 6th, 2021


If you’re in East Java, it’s almost inevitable that you will visit Banyuwangi. The city is the gateway to Bali, and it’s the very best place to live if you would like to visit Ijen Crater and see the blue fires. Yet there’s more to Banyuwangi than Ijen. The with lovely beaches, good surf and magnificent character. To help you make the most of it in Banyuwangi, here is a listing of the five best things to do in Banyuwangi. Let’s get started with a few of the most extraordinary things to do in the area!

Baluran Savannah

It’s a fitting description. The savannah turns brown in the dry season, and the park is surrounded on one side by the sea and also ringed by hills and Ijen volcano. The playground has a great deal of wildlife. It is possible to see buffalo, antelope, monkeys and peacock if you see. For the very best view of the park be sure you climb the watchtower. You can join a visit to Baluran National Park together with Ijen Midnight Tour.

Plambangan Museum

Plambangan Museum is situated in Banyuwangi. The museum has an abundance of displays on local culture and examples of local batik. The memorial is quite old and will need substantial investment if it is going to draw tourists. If you are spending a couple of days seeing Banyuwangi consider going to the museum because there are a few things of interest to find out.

Tabuhan Island

Tabuhan Island is situated about 20 km from Banyuwangi. The very best way to get to the island is with the public boat. The island is approximately 5 square km and is surrounded by white sandy beaches with coral reefs abroad that are fed with the nutrient-rich waters that flow in the channel between Bali and Java. There are some great opportunities for deep diving and snorkelling around the surface. In case you go snorkelling here expect to see sponges, crayfish, and also a whole lot of fish species. You can arrange dive excursions from Banyuwangi into Tabuhan Island.

Red Island

The Red Island is 85 kilometres from Banyuwangi. Few tourists visit the island instead they’re here to the gorgeous shore, relaxed setting and good surf. There are tons of small hotels and homestays across the coast, therefore it’s likely to remain here for a couple of days. Actually, suppose you merely need a gorgeous beach with few vacationers afterwards. In that case, Red Island is a great spot to go for a short holiday.

Even the Kongco Tan Hu Cin Jin Temple is among the very few places to See in Banyuwangi. The temple is devoted to Chen Fu Zen and was constructed in 1784 and. He’s a religious figure for a lot of men and women in the Indonesian community that reside in Bali, East Java and Lombok. You can Discover More about Chen Fu Zhen Ren with this Wikipedia page.

Last Thoughts

When you start to explore Banyuwangi, you quickly realise just how fun and exciting things you can find to perform in and around town. Add Sukamade Beach along with Meru Betiri National Park for your travel itinerary for an unforgettable off the beaten track experience. Alternatively, for an inexpensive beach holiday, Red Island might be just what you are looking for.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Banyuwangi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.