Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

7 tips to protect your French bulldog in the cold

Most of you want to adapt a French bulldog as a pet. After a few days he will become your family member. Then you can’t live without him as like other family members. So it is necessary to take some care to protect your Frenchie dog during winter period.

  • Put on warm clothes

Yes, they also feel cold. And for that reason, on cold days, put little clothes on your little one. Especially on outdoor walks. Buy French Bulldog Shirt online in affordable prices. It is effective against cold when it comes to safeguard the dog.

  • Use tatami mats to insulate the tiled floor

Although most French bulls have comfortable beds, they really love to sleep on the floor. But the floor of the house is always cold. So you can buy tatami mats to insulate the floor. But always remember that, don’t leave the mat when you are not at home, they will play with it.

  • Bath on sunny days (and at noon)

It is good to try to choose the sunny days to bathe your French bulldog. Because there is no need to increase the water temperature too much and they can take a little sun after bathing. Using hair dryer after the bath is ideal to soak the fur.

  • Treat dryness

During the cold, the days are usually drier. And, therefore, pay attention to the dryness of the nose, paws, hair and eyes. In case of injuries, do not pass anything and consult your veterinarian

  • Do not use heater

Do not use room heater in dog’s room. It causes a lot of dryness and is not suitable for French bulldogs. So you can do one thing, measure the size and height of your dog, chose the best online store to order the woollen FAWN FRENCH BULLDOG SHIRTThis will keep the body warm.

  • Vaccine against influenza

For your pet’s health, the vaccine against influenza is recommended by most veterinarians. Because vaccination can fight with disease, allergies, prevent illness and any other health issues, and also protect immune system.

  • Pay attention to the signs of the flu

Even with all the care, just like the children, they are more prone to the flu. If they started sneeze and a dry cough, and if you suspect your bull has the flu, take it you immediately to the veterinarian to begin proper treatment.