Thu. May 6th, 2021

Buying CBD Oil? Consider these Red Flags First

Throughout the years, a lot of controversies have evolved around theCannabis sativa plant. In recent years however, extensive studies have shown that certain materials extracted from this plant, like the ingredient Cannabidiol or CBD, has great therapeutic potential. It is important to note that there are no definitive conclusions that will solidify the therapeutic claims for CBD products. UK laws however allow the selling, purchase of use of these products following certain regulations. 

Despite the lack of a definitive conclusion as of this moment, extensive studies have proven that CBD oils have no intoxicating nor addictive effects. Thus, CBD products are not classified as controlled substances. However, it would still be unlawful to sell such products under the pretence of miraculous healing and curative properties. 

That is why buyers of CBD oils and other products should only procure their items from a legit CBD oil shop. A good indication that you are dealing with a legit shop is the presence of third-party lab and test results performed on these products. A legit seller would be proud of their products and would be more than willing to showcase the tests that would prove the legitimacy of what they are selling. 

If a shop does not have third-party tests, or can only show tests that they themselves performed, this could be a red flag indication and the buyer should be vigilant. They might end up buying sub-standard or even toxic products should they disregard such red flags. If you want to know more about these red flags, you can check out this informative infographic from Love CBD. Doing so would educate you and help you avoid substandard products from unscrupulous sellers.