Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Engagement Solutions You need To  Be Sure of

Every love is unique and engagement rings should be too. They have to suit you, reflect the relationship that exists between you. It is not for nothing that this noble jewel swears by diversity and personality. Is your love subtle, sensual and tender? Show it. White gold engagement rings put a simple crown on your wedding vows. Do you like it pompous, intense and passionate? The Morganite Engagement Rings will meet all your expectations. They give your love the shine it deserves.

Is your bond destined to last for eternity? A solitaire emphasizes your message. Just as the diamond is the focal point of engagement rings, your wedding should be the focal point of your life. With the diamond itself, you have a free hand. From the discreet adjustment of the tension ring to the decorative frame through the classic adjustment, the expressive adjustment of the claws – the choice is yours.

Those who don’t want to settle for just one gemstone, count on sparkling support. If desired, other small gemstones nestle gently around the engagement rings. The jewel also gives you some leeway in terms of color. After all, it doesn’t always have to be the classic white stone. In red, blue or green, it also cuts a good figure.

How are engagement rings worn?

In Great Britain and North America, the engagement ring is more comfortable on the left ring finger, the wedding ring on the right. In Germany and Austria it is exactly the opposite. Here, the engagement ring is traditionally worn on the right hand, the wedding ring on the left hand. However, the side of the ring is not set in stone. The bearer always has the last word.

Tips for the right engagement rings

The budget does not only play a role in the purchase. We must also not lose sight of other rules of thumb: If you are looking for a particularly robust, resistant and durable companion, the engagement ring in white gold is for you.

The quality of a diamond is visible: the higher the quality of the gemstone, the more beautiful its brilliance.

The engagement ring should be fine. But what pleases the beloved or the adored? If you’re not sure which way to go, hang out with friends, acquaintances, or family.

The timing is essential: the day of the proposal approaches, the place is reserved, only the ring is missing. Don’t let it come to this. At least two months before the request, you must start looking for a ring.

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Engagement rings and the size problem

An engagement ring must meet two criteria:

  • It must be pleasant.
  • It must be adapted.

What is the point of the most beautiful engagement ring if it gets lost on your finger or gets stuck halfway? It is all the more important to choose the right size of ring. And that requires research. Your best bet is to take a secret peek in the jewelry box and borrow a ring. But be careful: do not choose an outdated model that does not suit the port, let alone a model that is not really trendy. With a current model, you are on the right track. Then take your measurements and order the model you want in exactly the same size.

Award-winning engagement rings: the most beautiful places

Now is the time to find the perfect ring. He is already impatiently waiting in his coffin for the big operation all that’s missing is the right place. After all, a beautiful engagement ring deserves a beautiful setting.

The classics still work. The romantic candlelight dinner or the rambunctious picnic by the lake is made for the question of questions. You can experience a high altitude flight, literally, over a mountain peak or in a hot air balloon.

For adventurers, the thrill should not be missing. Skydiving, bungee jumping, or a helicopter flight won’t leave the rush for happiness behind for long. The same goes for the proposal on the beach. Here you don’t take the adrenaline in your hands, but you can relax. When you take a leisurely stroll on the sandy beach, the rhythmic sound of the waves in the background, relaxation is on your side.

Sometimes the love is so great that you can’t keep it to yourself. The whole world should know this. It is not for nothing that the marriage proposal is so popular in front of an audience. Whether romantically on the cinema screen, casually at your favorite club’s soccer game or rhythmically at your favorite band’s concert great performance is guaranteed.

Little Tips before Making Your Engagement Request

No matter which ring you choose, before giving it away, make sure you don’t face a refusal. It is necessary that the woman whose life you share is not opposed to the idea of ​​marriage. She has to say “yes” to you, even after a little suspense that will spice up the situation.

In addition, prefer privacy to a public place to make your request; the goal is not to embarrass anyone. Also avoid hiding the ring in a napkin, in a glass of champagne; in a cake. Losing the ring or swallowing it can quickly turn your request into a nightmare.

Classic Requests

Who says engagement ring, implicitly says marriage proposal. We all have in mind the image of a man with one knee on the ground, holding his bride’s hand and taking a case out of his pocket. This is arguably the most romantic request there is. Remember to adapt your request to your future fiancée. This one may not be a blue flower at all and therefore may not necessarily appreciate this kind of approach. This is why giving the engagement ring in a sober and simple way is often the best way to have a good time. This can take place at your home, with a candlelit meal that you will have prepared yourself, ordered from a caterer, or even which will have been concocted by a chef at home.

Original Requests

Mark this moment with a white stone by making your engagement request in an original way. The possibilities are endless; the only limits are ultimately those of the imagination. Here are some ideas for requests that are out of the ordinary:

Give the engagement ring on a trip

Organize a treasure hunt, the ultimate goal being to find the case containing the jewel

Bring friends and family for a meal where you will give the ring

Create a blog on the internet in which you will gather your common memories and where you will tell her that you have a gift for her.