Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Had a Bad Day? – Play Rummy | Download Free Apk File

When having a bad day, it’s difficult for us to focus our minds on better things. It gets tricky to escape the loop of sadness and frustration. We keep on obsessing over the one embarrassing moment at work, or maybe the plans which didn’t work out.

At times like this, an online rummy game can come to our rescue. Playing rummy is a tried and tested way of distracting and engaging our minds. The game being in a digital world, which does not require face-to-face interaction is a huge plus point! It helps you dissociate from your stressful surroundings for as long as you want. Additionally, it is an effective way to let out all the built-up frustration within us.

How playing rummy makes a bad day better

  • Distraction from all negativity

On any bad day, it is important to give our tortured minds a break. Playing online card games like rummy, helps us focus all our attention to the game. For a few moments, all we care about is melding the hand we are dealt into the best possible sequences and sets as soon as possible. This distraction is a much-needed break to our loop of demotivating and negative thoughts which do us so much harm in the long run.

  • Helps us spend some time with friends or some time away from them

Maybe you are someone who needs the company of friends on a bad day. Spending some recreational and fun time with your friends might help you ease your mind. In such a case, you can simply ask all your friends to download and play rummy with you. All you need to do is choose the table and the version of rummy you want to enjoy with them. However, if you are someone who likes some time alone, you can choose to play with random strangers on the internet as well – whatever rocks your boat.

  • A creative outlet to vent frustration

Instead of wasting away your time pining over the sad happenings of the day, you can choose to vent your anger and frustration in a much more engaging and creative way. Playing rummy online will help you channel your aggression into finding newer and better strategies to defeat your opponents. You can focus all your pent-up energy into attacking your opponents with one move after the other. This is an effective way to deal with the frustration and anger on a bad day.

  • Win rewards and cash

There’s also a chance for you to win cash and rewards if you play cash rummy tournaments. The fact that you won money based on your own skills, that too while playing a game, is sure to cheer you up. This will automatically make your bad day a lot better.


If you are having a bad day, try spending some time playing rummy online. The game is engaging and fun and serves as a distraction from all your negative feelings. It’s a great way to channel your frustration. And who knows – you might just end up winning some extra cash and reward points!