Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Home office 101: Get a standing desk for your workplace!

If you are someone who works from home, or needs to manage considerable office work remotely, you must consider investing in a standing desk. A standing desk does exactly what the name suggests – A desk that allows to shift from sitting position to a standing position, and vice versa, during the working hours. Options, such as Primecables electric standing desk, don’t have to cost a fortune, and these are better than standard desk risers.

‘Do I really need a standing desk?’

There is enough evidence and research about sitting for long hours in one position can be detrimental to health. Standing burns more calories, so if you are getting even 20% of your work done while standing, you are losing more calories. It can prevent weight gain and help you reduce spine pressure and back pain. There is also some evidence that productivity improves when one is not manned to the desk, while studies also reveal that standing desks can boost mood and enhance energy levels. No matter what your job is like, a standing desk is one of the nicest and practical investments you can have for your home office.

Buy an electric standing desk

As the name suggests, electric standing desks are powered by a motor, so height adjustments don’t need manual work. Desks for workplaces can be heavy, so if you have to just the height, it has to be a seamless process. You don’t want to crack the desk, or spend too much time adjusting the height, because it just kills the whole purpose of ‘better & productive work’. Today, electric standing desks don’t have to cost more than $400, depending on the features, and if your home office is being used by more than one person, this investment is almost necessary. Many desks have preset controls, so you can change height in a quick button press.

Things to look for

Now that you know that controls matter for buying an electric standing desk, there are also other features to consider. For instance, how big is the table top? If you need to place your monitor, mouse and a big keyboard, you have to look into the measurements. Secondly, make sure that the surface isn’t too slippery, or things on the table may fall apart when it comes to doing the height adjustments.

You can find great deals on electric standing desks online, so review your options accordingly.