Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

How to know more about the BBA LLB course

A top ten BBA university in India provides a new course nowadays that offers an integration of two subjects. These colleges are also known as the BBA LLB Hons colleges in Lucknow that provide knowledge and skills to work in management or law. A large number of students are attracted to the dual possibility of this course to make their career. It is best for people who have not yet made sure where they want to work finally or wish to expand their career options. This course allows graduates to work in the corporate world related or unrelated to the legal field.

About the BBA LLB course

This course offered at BBA LLB Hons colleges in Lucknow aims to create a section of lawyers that have a deeper understanding of the business as well as the law. This course offered at a top ten BBA university in India encourages the interdisciplinary study of the management sciences and law. It empowers the student to act effectively to contribute to society. It also provides valuable insights to the student to understand the State and Central government’s policy initiatives. The study of the subjects under the course helps students to understand the legal and management principles.

This course’s duration at any college or university is five years for a full-time study, while a few of the institutes also offer a part-time course. The course offered at any top ten BBA university in India usually has a basic eligibility criterion of a minimum of 55% marks in the 10+2 examination. While many of the BBA LLB Hons colleges in Lucknow also offer admission through merit in a qualifying examination and the score obtained at an English essay. A round of personal interview follows this. The fee structure of these courses ranges from 5 to 8 lakhs depending upon the institute.

Syllabus and curriculum

The topics covered for this course at a top ten BBA university in India may vary slightly as per the college. But any BBA LLB Hons colleges in Lucknow provides its study through a route of theoretical knowledge and practical experience through mock courts, panel discussions, industry interactions, and more. The first year focuses more on the fundamentals of business organization, economics, accounting, consumer protection laws, and English. While the second year onwards more topics on law are included to provide the students a good chance to work both in management and law.

Career prospects

Any graduate from a top ten BBA university in India or one of the best BBA LLB Hons colleges in Lucknow is offered many job opportunities. Some of the popular job profiles that graduates pursue are in media, major business firms, NGOs, corporate sectors, and more. These graduates can be found working in the profiles of legal advisors, lawyers, legal assistance personnel, law reporters, and more, depending upon their interests, skills, and experiences. Most graduates are offered a handsome salary that only grows further over the years with better skills and experience.