Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

Is the Smart Band Really Useless?

The Smart Bands provides convenience for our daily life. However, some consumers think it is useless. They even regard the whole series of smart wearable devices as useless. They think that the smart phones on the market have many functions. There is no need to add other smart electronic devices. You can think the source of these ideas from another angle. Consumers are used to applying the thinking of “substitution” to life products. They didn’t face different products with a complementary attitude.

The original design of the Smart Band was not to replace the smart phone. People want Band coexist with the phone in a parallel state. Jointly work together to improve the quality of human life. Meet higher living needs and operation modes. Create a more convenient, faster and more pleasant daily life.

Moreover, the use functions between Smart Bands and smart phones do not completely overlap. The Smart Band can achieve special functions through the sensors of its body. Such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, sleep monitoring and the like. Mobile phones can’t achieve these. Users can have an overall and in-depth understanding of body data.

“what kind of impact does wearing Smart Bands for a long time have on lives”. Some netizens gave relevant answers to the question before. There is the answer. “Although the Smart Band cannot force me to do some sports activities. I can see my daily steps shown on it. I will feel that I am not exercising. I need to go out and exercise.” We can know the Smart Band is not only a cold tool for data recording. It is also a reminder partner. It can encourage users to take more reasonable exercise.

Smart Bands are suitable for extensive groups. There are certain differences in the corresponding functions of different brand products. This is one of the reasons for people of different ages. The middle-aged and the elderly are more suitable for monitoring health data. The young are more suitable for their sports fitness and information reminding related functions. The development speed of Smart Band is fast in recent years. Band 5 is already HONOR’s fifth generation Smart Band product. This means that the functions of the Smart Band will be more comprehensive and perfect. It optimizes the wearing comfort.

The view that Smart Bands are useless is totally untenable. There are buying and appraisal data fed back by the current market. They are enough to refute this erroneous idea. Smart Bands can be tools to improve people’s daily work. We can make reasonable use of it.