Wed. Sep 23rd, 2020

Look for the Right Opportunities for Tax Preparations


Whether they are manufacturers, traders, artisans, members of the liberal professions, farmers, heads of associations, individuals or heads of local authorities, all of the accountant’s clients are subject to tax formalities. The accountant advises his clients in finding the best solutions in tax matters, as part of his recurring accounting and administrative missions. From the quantified data that he has identified and validated, the member of the Order assists taxpayers in their tax obligations and provides them with the desired security.

Tax advice

The chartered accountant assists and advises the business manager on the application and repercussions of the tax texts in force. The use of the Tax preparation app is important here for proper tax submission.

The accountant is at your service for the following tasks:

Permanent advice on corporate taxation

  • Optimization of the tax situation in terms of income, asset management, financial investments choice of major options.
  • Monitoring of the daily taxation of the company according to its legal structure.
  • Research and preparation of exemption files.

Specific advice during ad hoc operations

  • Research and proposal of solutions in matters of succession, business transfer or assets.
  • Study and evaluation on the occasion of sales, buyouts, business mergers or transfers of goods between businesses.
  • Evaluation of proposals for tax packages.
  • Assistance to the taxpayer during audits or litigation.
  • Tax optimization of national or international management choices.

You declare online

The online declaration service is accessible from your personal space on the site. Once connected, you are on your dashboard, and can declare your taxes by clicking on:

Check the pre-filled sums

If you are declaring online, your declaration is already pre-filled with the income known to the tax authorities. Generally you’re wages, salaries, pensions, annuities, your replacement income (daily social security benefits, unemployment benefits), your income from property, movable capital, etc.

The first thing to do is therefore to carefully check the amounts indicated. The tax administration is efficient, but not infallible, and typos can slip into the forms. For this, you must refer to the following documents:

Wages / salaries: the amount indicated on your declaration must correspond to your net taxable amount indicated on your pays lip for the month of December

Daily allowances: to find out the amount to declare, go to your Amelia account and download your tax statement.

Unemployment benefits:  Pole Employ must provide you with proof of all the sums paid in year N – 1 during the month of February:

Retirement pensions. refer to the annual statements of your pensions and annuities sent to you by the pension funds.

Enter your exceptional income

Certain revenues are not known to the administration, starting with exceptional revenues. You must specify them by checking the appropriate box:

Declare your ancillary income

Once your declaration is complete, you must sign it to validate it. This operation is not irrevocable: you can go back on your declaration and correct it as many times as you wish until the end of the online declaration service.