Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

Reasons to hire a truck accident lawyer in Albuquerque

The number of truck accidents reported in New Mexico is alarming. Considering the size of commercial trucks and 18-wheelers, the impact of even accidents can be huge. If you have sustained injuries in such a truck accident, your immediate concern should be about seeking medical attention. Once you feel better, you must consider meeting one of Albuquerque truck accident lawyers, to discuss the case further. Here’s why you would need a lawyer for your case. 

  • Because truck accidents can have devastating consequences. People often sustain serious and debilitating injuries in accidents involving trucks and large vehicles. The impact of the accident may not be apparent right away. 

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, you may have to go through intensive medical care and therapy, which may further mean losing out on work. In many cases, people even lose their ability to have gainful employment. Considering these consequences, you need to talk to an attorney, who can give a fair evaluation of your case.

  • Because liability can be hard to understand. Establishing liability in case of truck accidents is often the toughest part. You cannot directly hold the trucker responsible, because they are eventually employed by the trucking company. 

Poor maintenance of vehicles, defective manufacturing parts, and other reasons can cause a truck accident. As such, you need a lawyer, who can look into the details and investigate the matter independently. 

  • Because you don’t want to negotiate on your own. Multiple layers of insurance are often involved in truck accident cases. You need to file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer, but that doesn’t always mean getting a fair deal. 

Insurance companies often have their own tactics and ways of reducing settlements, and claims adjusters often do their best to deny or delay claims. You need a truck accident lawyer, who can negotiate on your behalf. Lawyers with experience in the field don’t shy away from taking on big trucking companies and insurance companies. 

Finding a truck accident lawyer in Albuquerque

If you have people who can help with recommendations, that is always handy. The good news is most law firms and top truck accident lawyers in Albuquerque have their own websites, so you can find most details online. Insist on meeting the lawyer in person, so that you can discuss all aspects. 

Ask the lawyer if they would work on a contingency basis, which is quite possible for truck accident lawsuits.