Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Top 3 Places in Semarang Traveller Should Take a Visit

Eling Bening

A favorite background for weddings, also the Eling Bening is quickly gaining a reputation as Semarang’s go-to place for the ideal vantage point from the Ambarawa district. The acres of the garden allows you to enjoy the surrounding air and cold mountain air while enjoying a warm meal under the mountain.

You can also enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Rawa Pening below, framed from the surrounding mountains by a winding road in the middle. Local cuisine is served daily from the minimalist restaurant, where you are sure to take lots of tasty Instagrammable pictures!

Eling Bening also adopted the idea of a household recreation park, and that means you’re free to make your picnic basket and put a mat out on the bud to take pleasure in the cold weather. Kids can roam about and try out various actions from flying fox into Target, even though you can settle back and unwind with a hot beverage. Should you dare brave the cold, you may even jump to the pools for a swim!

Entry charge: IDR 15,000 (USD 1.13)

Address: Jl. Kartini Tambakboyo, Ambarawa, Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50661

Contact: 0857-2956-5656

Opening hours 07:00 — 19:00

Umbul Sidomukti

Situated in the base of Mount Ungaran, the Umbul Sidomukti was specially built to enjoy the scene’s scenic contours from Semarang Atas. With a military standard cyber barrier program, it is guaranteed to challenge even the most daring spirits. Fly across a valley that’s more than a hundred meters from the zipline, or crawl your way to the rope bridge that dangles thirteen stories above the valley floor

If you’re trying to find a more relaxing option to delight in the landscape, then have a dip into the spring water rock pools directly throughout the cafeteria. Made up of interlocking layers, so it produces a natural view of the town below. Just can’t get enough of this scenic landscape? Even the Umbul Sidomukti offers lodging options also. Make sure you book in advance as they’re usually fully booked during the year!

Entry Fee: IDR 10,000 (USD 0.75) | Outbound Package: IDR 40,000 (USD 3)

Address: Kawasan Wisata Umbul Sidomukti, Sidomukti, Bandungan, Jimbaran, Bandungan, Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50661

Telephone: 0828-9203-1261

Opening Hours: 08:00 — 17:00

River Tube at Genting Kendal

Maybe not for the faint-hearted, river tube is as profitable as it’s dangerous, particularly when you’re hurrying down a mountain escape toaster with boulders. After installing the safety gear at the base, your journey begins with a 15-minute increment through the jungle to reach the initial stage, where a class of 13 rapids expects you. This place is a real test of your endurance and endurance to stay concentrated for two whole weeks!

There are calmer seas between the rapids, decorated with a few of the strangest rock formations located symmetrically along either side of the lake. Neatly stacked and packaged with, they almost seem human-made! It is even thought that the shaman ordered them for reasons that are not yet known. After a tiring battle with the current, cool off in the warungs’ environment with a cup of tea and then fill it with a serving of hot cup noodles. Are you searching for the battle?

Costs: IDR 45,000 (USD 3.38)

Address: Jl Genting Baru No 94 Singorojo Kendal, Kedungboto, Kendal, Kabupaten Kendal, Jawa Tengah 51382

Contact: 0856-4270-5606

Opening hours 09:00 — 17:00

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