Fri. Mar 5th, 2021

What You Need in a Minimalist and Organized Vanity

So you want to be a minimalist in 2021. That seems like a good way to go, especially as you’re starting a new year. The previous year may have encouraged a lot of impulse purchases that you’re now regretting, but there’s no point wallowing in regret. All you can do is try to be better and take the lessons you’ve learned from the previous year.

Start your minimalist lifestyle with an organized vanity with just the essentials. What are those essentials, you ask? Here are some of them:


No matter how minimalist you choose to go, there’s one thing you can’t remove from your vanity: the mirror. This lets you see how you’re applying your skincare products and your makeup products. This also helps you check your mood for the day. Stressed or anxious over a big day ahead? Through your mirror, you can also give yourself some encouraging words. This doesn’t have to be a big one. A simple square mirror will do, and you’re free to add a ring light to it to improve its illumination especially when you plan on taking selfies in front of your vanity.

Your skin essentials

Your lotions for the body, face, and neck need to be within reach, as these products need to be reapplied throughout the day as needed. You’ll also want to keep your K beauty essentials in a neatly arranged pile to go with your minimalist approach. Choose containers in white or other neutral colors, and keep like items together. Your goal is to have an uncluttered vanity, and a clean palette helps achieve that. The emphasis is on uncluttered. Your goal is not to have a bare vanity; you just want all your items to be organized, so make sure everything has a place.


These days, there are plenty of things you can track to help you understand your body. You can keep a mood tracker, dream journal, meal planner, and of course, your daily journal and organizer. It’s best if all of these are kept in one journal, buf if you track them separately, dedicate a container for your trackers as well. This can go beside your bed or in your vanity, where you can simply jot down everything as you’re preparing for the day or for bed. Planning and keeping track of what matters to you should be done in a seamless way, and you’ll be in a good mood to do it in front of your vanity especially if you keep that space uncluttered.

Mood boosters

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily go with extravagant home decor, but you can still choose accessories that will lift your mood whenever you are in front of your vanity. This can be a simple framed quote or your favorite faux fux table runner. This can also just be a set of aesthetically pleasing pens. A plant can also do the trick, and fake plants will do if you’re not certain you can keep real ones alive indoors. Get a framed photo of a treasured memory. Anything that can lift your mood with their mere presence can be on your vanity.

You don’t have to overthink minimalism. There is no maximum allowable number of items to put on display. As long as everything is organized and you’re not cluttering the space, you’re all set.